#TravelingSybian: My Two Weeks, As Told Through GIFs

When you get an opportunity to have a super high-end sex toy at your house for two weeks to make content with AND enjoy to your heart’s content, you say YES!!!

Last October, I opened the door to an awkward UPS man who set a very heavy package down in my foyer, and it all began…..

Now, I invite you to accompany me on a journey through those two weeks when Ruby Red and Velvet were BFFs– all told through GIFs.

Sit back, relax, and here… we… go!

*all GIFs via Giphy*


For those who aren’t familiar, the Sybian is a long-standing, high-end sex toy that looks like this:

#travelingsybian with Velvet at Burlesque Stripped Down!

and works something like this:

Waiting for Arrival

Seeing a UPS Truck Drive By… and Keep On Driving….

When A Truck Finally Stops and I Go To Answer the Door

The UPS Guy’s Reaction

(wonder if he knows what he’s delivering…)

Getting Ready to Open the Box

Plugging the Sybian In

Realizing How Loud it is and that I’ll Have to Wait Until My Roommates Leave

Waiting for My Roommates to Leave

Hearing Them Grab Their Keys

Watching Them Walk Out the Door

The Door Closes

Setting Up the Sybian/Attachments/Stool/Pillows in the Right Configuration

(after trying)


My First Solo Ride (using a flat top attachment)


After Riding Once

After Riding Four Times

Waking Up the Next Morning

Trying the Different Attachments

Setting the Vibration Level to High


Inviting A Partner Over For Play Time

Two-Person Play Time

Pulling the Sybian Around on a Cart For Test Rides at Orlando Pride

(see the photo gallery here)

Letting My Neighbors Borrow the Sybian for their Anniversary Weekend

Putting the Sybian Back in Her Box to Continue Her #TravelingSybian Journey

Considering Just Filling The Box With Heavy Rocks

Remembering I Can’t Afford to be Billed the Cost of the Sybian

Reluctantly Taping Up the Box and Bringing it to the UPS Store

Coming Back Home to an Empty Room


Seeing Everyone Else’s #TravelingSybian Posts All Over Social Media

Telling Everyone I Meet About #TravelingSybian

Overall Opinion

And Even Now…

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Chat again soon, you scrumptious Sybians!

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