Rosey La Rouge on the Pastie Project, Documenting Costumes, & the Secret of Life!


SOMEBODY had to take on the immense job of chronicling burlesque costumes of past and present for future generations, and that somebody is here!

Rosey La Rouge, creator of the Pastie Project and a forthcoming scholarly monograph of burlesque costuming, joined me for this awesome conversation where we talk about her journey, work, and even the secret of life.

Listen in below, then have a look at all the links to keep up with Rosey on her burlesque and authorial journeys!

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Rosey La Rouge is based in New York City, and has been on the burlesque scene for 9 years, performing from coast to coast. She is a professional costume designer and makeup artist with a Masters degree in Costume Design from Boston University. Rosey is currently interviewing burlesque legends about their costumes for Burlesque Beat, she blogs about the Pasties of the Week for The New York School of Burlesque,  and she is writing a scholarly monograph on the entire history of burlesque costume for Routledge/Taylor and Francis under her muggle name, Coleen Scott.
The Pocket-Sized Pinup herself, Rosey La Rouge, joins Velvet on this episode of the podcast Burlesque Stripped Down! The gals chat all about Rosey's Pastie Project, plus her current project of documenting the entire history of burlesque costumes, the secret of life, therapy, DIY costuming, and more.

The Pastie Project is a book by costume designer and burlesque performer Rosey La Rouge, featuring an archive of vintage and modern burlesque pasties, contributed by performers and costumers from all over the world. A costume history book of remarkable quality and original content, The Pastie Project is a must-have for costume designers and historians, vintage clothing collectors, and burlesque performers or enthusiasts. This book covers the history, pastie makers, and performers who make burlesque what it is today, and then tops it all off by teaching you how to make your own pair of beautiful pasties!

The neo-burlesque movement has embraced the pastie, and has elevated its existence, so that this significant accessory can be whatever the performer desires: ornate jewelry, a political statement, or the ultimate punchline to the artful narrative of an act. The Pastie Project celebrates burlesque’s appreciation of the body, the pasties’ impact on performance, and all levels of craftsmanship, from DIY to artistic mastery.  The Pastie Project publication was funded by a Kickstarter campaign in March of 2017.  Publication will be in June of 2017, and the book will be available for purchase on  Proceeds will be donated to The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.


Here are all of the links to things we mention during the show, including how to get a hold of Rosey if you want to learn more!

Rosey La Rouge: instagram // facebook

~Virginia’s photo credits: Ben Trivett

The Pastie Project: website // instagram

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