Foxy Tann on Pandas and Monkeys, the Myth of Industry Saturation, & Fabulous as a State of Mind

Welcome back my darlings – I’m so excited to bring you my hilarious, heartwarming, multi-faceted conversation with The Twin Titties’ premiere event emcee, Foxy Tann!

Having been performing (doing theater, drag, and burlesque) for so long, she has some great insights on the nature of the industry… plus she brings her unique brand of sass and we go on a tangent all about feminism and the new Wonder Woman movie!

Listen in below, then have a look at all the links to keep up with Foxy on her burlesque and performance journeys.

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Foxy Tann is the Twin Titties premier event emcee! Known as The Boss of Burlesque, she travels the country performing and educating, and is also the co-founder of HardCore Pasties. The Fox herself joins Velvet on this episode of Burlesque Stripped Down, and the ladies chat about the Twin Titties burly scene, homogenization and saturation in the industry, bio queens, and a tangent on the new Wonder Woman movie! Not to mention, of course, lots of laughs.
Foxy has travelled all over the country, bringing audiences that certain brand of broad that is hard to forget: loud, a bit raunchy and always over the top.
An emcee, performer, producer, writer, director and educator in burlesque and theatre, The Fox has been at it for over a decade and brings to you some of the best live performance out there.


Here are all of the links to things we mention during the show, including how to get a hold of Foxy if you want to learn more!

Foxy Tann: facebook // twitter

~Foxy’s photo credits: Liquid Mojo Photography


Ophelia Flame

Catherine D’Lish

Gina Louise

Mounds Theatre

Pickles Kintaro

Laurie Hagen’s backwards striptease from BHOF’s Miss Exotic World Competition 2013

Authenticity Month: the Impostor Syndrome (BSD episode)

Season O’Sex: Tyomi Morgan (BSD episode)

Season O’Sex: Dr Liz (BSD episode)



Foxy Tann at the 5th Annual Show Me Burlesque Festival 

death drops TERRIFY me… but the youtube rabbit hole of death drop videos is quite fun!

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Catch you on the flip side, all you fantabulous foxes! 😉

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