Fifi La Roux on the Joy of Failure, Aerial Arts, & Giant Balloon Dogs!

Fifi had so much goodness that I had to split it up into TWO separate episodes!!

Or maybe I just like hearing her accent so much that I wanted to keep it going as long as possible…. PLUS, as it turns out, we’re birthday twins! We both celebrated our birthdays this last Tuesday, April 4th! (Though I’m a taaaaad bit older 😉 )


This week, we’re chatting all about her journey from performance and circus artist into the big, bad world of burlesque… plus a bit about the Irish burlesque scene, the importance (and joy?! really??) of failure, getting your nose smashed in on your 21st birthday, and more.

Check out the second half of our interview here to get further in depth on the Irish burly family, #queminism, defining burlesque, and vegetarian farts! 😉

Listen in below, then have a look at all the links to keep up with her on her burlesque journey!

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Fifi La Roux is the burlesque clown with a liberal sprinkling of glitter!
Trained in aerial arts and circus since 2012, Fifi La Roux turned to Burlesque in 2015, winning the title of the Best Newcomer at the 2015 Belfast Burlesque Festival, and she was one of the Judges’ top 5 finalists at Miss Burlesque Ireland 2016.
Fifi is also the producer of the Emporium Series, a series of quarterly emporiums (springtime, summer, autumn and winter) which combine alternative traders with classic burlesque in Dublin’s favourite vintage cocktail bar, The liquor rooms. 

This lady really did run away with the circus (no seriously, she’s travelled with the Kelly Miller Circus in the States!) and after seeing her perform you might want to go with her!


Here are all of the links to things we mention during this episode, including how to get a hold of Fifi if you want to learn more!

Fifi La Roux: website // instagram // facebook

~Fifi’s photo credits: Rick Taylor


Kelly Miller Circus

Piccola Scuola de Circo (Milan, Italy)

Miss Burlesque Ireland

Azaria Starfire

Scarlett Van Tassel

Belfast Burlesque Festival

Lili La Scala

Velma Von Bon Bon

Hebden Bridge Burlesque FestivalLegend in the Making competition

Carmen Mi Amor

Perle Noire

Havana Hurricane

Kiki Lovechild

Shir Madness

Valkyrie Von Storm

Tom Riddle – Big Spender Boys

Irish Aerial Creation Centre

Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Company – Chantel McCormick & Jym Daly

Armitage Shanks

Irish Aerial Dance Fest

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